About Us


Island Sugar Gliders was founded in 2014 and has since been breeding healthy, lineaged and sweet sugar gliders. However, we have proudly owned sugar gliders since 2007.

After completing a bachelor's degree in biology with a strong affinity for genetics, I began researching the various color morphs of gliders and what would cause a certain color or trait to show up in particular joeys. More research led to learning about the many neurological and physical deformities along with aggressive demeanors that can result from poor breeding choices. I have seen many joeys suffer because of such, and realized that the best way to prevent this issue is to educate new and prospective owners on proper husbandry and breeding practices. I believe that through this knowledge, we can all work to better the lives of our little furred friends and ensure they stay happy and healthy for many years to come.

Here at Island Sugar Gliders, my goal is to provide guides for the proper care of gliders from joey to adult, from bonding to breeding and every step in between. I create and sell dozens of different items to decorate your glider's cage to add comfort and style, all while stimulating your pet's mind. Lastly, I offer my joeys, produced from the sweetest parents with fantastic lineage for you to add as a part of your family.

Enjoy your stay at Island Sugar Gliders!